Visit our animals

Come visit our 3 pigs, rabbits, chickens and ducks. You can find them in the animal barn, which you’ll find next to the large barns.

In the summertime take the opportunity to visit the our cows grazing on Ytteräng, a large grazing area consisting of woodland and meadows.

Activities on Drömgården

Arbottna is open to everyone who enjoys an active life and has a wide range of interests. Here are some examples of events and activities we’ve hosted at Dromgården.

Visit our Farm shop

The shop is run cooperatively with a group of craftsmen and women from Muskö. Here you can buy beautiful handcrafts and ornaments in ceramic, concrete, textile, and wood.    
We also sell plants, lamb sausages and lambskins.
pictures of the farm shop shown below were taken by Bengt Grönkvist. The Farm and shop are now closed for this season.

Visit this unique area of natural beauty